Membership & Guests

Membership to The Senior Champions Tour (TSCT) will be restricted to golfers 50 years or older. Membership will entitle a golfer to participate in all the events and be eligible for prizes as well as Order of Merit. The subscription for each year will be determined by the management, circulated and must be paid before the first event.

Life members

All existing members who have paid a fee will be converted to Life Members without an additional fee.

New members

All new members will be required to pay a fee of AED 995 to enroll. The management reserves the right to restrict entry and/or refuse an enrollment application without providing a reason for refusal. No correspondence will be entertained.


Each member may bring any number of guests, who will be responsible for an entry fee to the event. A guest may attend two events after they will be required to enroll as a member.

Members wishing to become eligible for prizes at every event as well as Order of Merit trophy must have an EGF handicap. TSCT reserves the right through its Handicap Committee to amend a member’s handicap.

A green fee will be payable at every event on registration. The fee for the event must be paid to The Senior Champions Tour if a member or guest wishes to participate in the Tour. A benefit you may have from a card or voucher, where the event is being held, is independent of this fee and cannot be used in our events.

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The new season 2020/2021 of The Senior Champions Tour, the most successful tour for golfers aged 50 and over in the United Arab Emirates.